Warehouse space available in 2018

Lanter Distributing currently has the following food grade warehouse space available for 2018:

Atlanta, GA 1,000 racked/bulk spots Ambient
Nashville, TN 2,000 racked spots 65 deg F
Memphis, TN 500 racked spots 65 deg F
Dallas, TX 200 racked spots 65 deg F
Dallas, TX 400 floor spots Ambient

Order fulfillment with case or full pallet pick available!
Short and long term storage welcome!

Please contact us at 888-861-9662 for further details.



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Lanter Distributing now operating in Dallas, TX

As of July 2017, Lanter Distributing has added an 8th pool distribution location in Dallas, TX to it’s already established group of cross-dock/warehouse locations in the Midwest and South to better serve all of its long-standing customers.  This new facility will service all of TX, OK and northwest AR for various refrigerated, temperature control and dry LTL shipments.

Lanter’s warehouse in Dallas TX is located off I-20 in the southwest city area of Dallas. Our space is roughly 50,000 square feet and provides both ambient and temperature controlled conditions.  The Dallas team is experienced in handling a variety of different food grade products thru LTL pool distribution and cross docking services.  We look forward to providing additional transportation and warehousing services in this new market for both current and new prospective customers!


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Lanter Logistics—Our Brokerage Business

LTL refrigerated freight is our claim-to-fame. But we know you still need truckload service, and who better than Lanter to provide it?

To further enhance service to our customers we’ve built Lanter Logistics, a full service brokerage business offering truckload services—frozen, refrigerated, and dry along with volume LTL shipments of four pallets or more.

At Lanter Logistics we know that more than just freight is loaded in the trucks we arrange for you. The reputation of your company and the dedicated people who work there (from sales to shipping to the boss upstairs) is along for the ride too.

We make sure Your Brand along with your Product is delivered with the care and concern it deserves.

At Lanter Logistics we arrange transportation of freight by authorized motor carriers–truckload and less than truckload.

We know logistics—we’ve been doing it for four decades

  • We value hard work and commitment to customers and carriers.
  • We value respect for the dignity of our co-workers, customers, and community.
  • We value honesty in all interactions.
  • We value clear and frequent communication with each other, our customers, and our service providers.

Meet our staff:
Doug Schuette,  Director of Logistics, Ext. 3054   dschuette@lanterdist.com
Jeff Thompson, Logistics Manager, Ext.  3001     jthompson@lanterdist.com
Clay Lewis, Logistics Coordinator, Ext.  3471     clewis@lanterdist.com


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WOW! So That’s What You Do?

So often I hear manufacturers and logistics companies tell me, “Wow! Your company actually does LTL refrigerated and frozen distribution? I really need your services; Where have you been?!”

I’ll admit, we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to advertising our services. With our asset-based fleet, Lanter Distributing has been warehousing and delivering refrigerated and frozen products for over 40 years. We’re so fortunate to have such loyal customers and even more fortunate for so many word of mouth referrals. If you’re business is looking for cost efficient ways to service LTL refrigerated deliveries to the greater Midwest, South & Southeast, please look me up! Chill@lanterdist.com

Protect from freezing, keep it frozen, keep it chilled, keep it from melting. That’s what we do!

LTL refrigerated freight is our claim-to-fame. Excellent customer-service is how we earned our name.

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Food-Grade Multi Temp Warehouse Space For All Your Storage Needs

To compliment to our LTL refrigerated distribution network, Lanter Distributing has food-grade storage space in a variety of temperatures:
A/C, refrigerated, chilled, dry and ambient

Have you taken advantage of Lanter Distributing’s warehouse space?

  • Are your warehouses overflowing with excess inventory and not enough room?
    We offer short-term storage contracts to help you deal with overflow and seasonal demands.
  • Do you need a warehouse near your production plant?
    We have multi-temp storage facilities in key cities in the Midwest and southern states.
  • Are you struggling with only coastal warehouse storage?
    We have regional, multi-temperature storage options available throughout the Midwest and southern states giving you an easier way to service your customers, especially those with high demands and short lead times.
  • Do you import food grade products?
    Our Midwestern storage locations are perfect for storing container loads of finished goods or raw goods. No more waiting on that “slow boat from China” to get your customer their order! Store it with us and then let us deliver it to your customer!

Space available in a variety of temperatures
A/C, refrigerated, chilled, dry, ambient

CHICAGO 1000 pallets
NASHVILLE 1500 pallets
MEMPHIS 500 pallets
SAINT LOUIS 600 pallets
ATLANTA 800 pallets
Knoxville 500 pallets

Contact Lanter Distributing today and learn more about our food-grade temperature-controlled warehousing.

Email: Chill@lanterdist.com

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2 Important Ways that Warehousing Relates to Day-to-Day Living

In many ways, your business can relate to day-to-day tasks at your home. Even simple things like putting away your groceries or showing up to a birthday party can seem pretty relevant from the right perspective…

Unpacking the Groceries

Imagine yourself coming home from the grocery store.

You bring the grocery bags in from the trunk of the car, walk around to the back of the house, and throw everything in the shed out back. Perfect, right?


You store your groceries in the places they will keep fresh the longest. Cereal and pasta goes in the pantry. Milk and veggies go in the fridge. Popsicles and chicken breasts go in the freezer. You’ve just kept your shopping trip from being a total waste of time and money.

Life of the Party

Now, imagine that you’re going to a birthday party. You’ve been asked to bring the ice cream. You live in, say, St. Louis, and the party is just outside of Chicago. Do you pick up the ice cream at your local grocery store before you drive the 5 hours up to Chi-town?


Once you get to Barrington, you stop at a grocery store and pick up some Ice Cream. You arrive at the party a hero.

What Does Any of This Have to Do With Your Business?

Your company produces goods. Maybe you make one specific item to cater to one specific industry, and maybe you have a vast array of commodities available to the public at large. Whatever it is that you’re offering, there’s likely a perfect temperature range and a perfect location at which to store it.

Your Groceries – Your Goods

Just as you take care to keep your lettuce crisp and your pie crust frozen, your goods should be warehoused in a facility that ensures the highest quality and the longest shelf-life. Just as you wouldn’t throw your milk in the pantry, you don’t want your company’s candy bars getting stowed away in a corrugated metal storage sauna.

Whether it’s ambient/cool, refrigerated, frozen, or a mixture of them all for different offerings, make sure that whoever is providing your warehousing has adequate amenities for your product.

Get to the Party On Time and At Temperature

It’s important to have fulfillment hubs that meet your space and location needs. It’s easier to pick up the ice cream right before the party, and it makes sense to have warehousing close to your regional commerce hubs. Shorter LTL trips make sense for your products and for your bottom line.

Some other great ways that temporary or regional warehousing can benefit your company:

  • Take stress off of current warehouses due to Q4 sales. Look for 3-6 month contracts for warehousing to deal with overflow

  • If you’re opening a new plant, you’ll need short-term storage that’s in close proximity to the new plant or the current site

  • It makes sense to have regional warehousing for specific areas. It’s not always convenient to have only coastal storage.

  • If your products come in by shipping containers, you might benefit from a midwestern storage location while awaiting further shipments on the “slow boat from China.”

Don’t leave yourself with bags of bad food and a tub of melted ice cream. Your company is important. Your products are important. By ensuring that you’ve considered the ins and outs of different warehousing options, you’re doing a service to your company, to yourself, and to your customers.

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Cold Storage: St. Louis & KC regions, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville TN and Atlanta GA

Storing cold items can be a balancing act.  For some items, you need to make sure they remain cold enough not to spoil but not too cold or they might freeze.  For other items they need to remain frozen at all times without thawing.  Some storage facilities offer one or the other, or charge a premium to do both.  At Lanter Distributing, because of our wide distribution network and numerous cold storage facilities, we can store products in multi-temperature storage conditions for a very reasonable price.

For items such as cheese, yogurt, dips & deli meats that need to stay chilled but not frozen, Lanter’s warehouses in the Kansas City and St. Louis region and in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Atlanta can meet those needs.  Other items such as meat, frozen potatoes, frozen dinners, chicken nuggets etc that need to be in freezer storage, Lanter’s freezer space in the Kansas City, St. Louis and Atlanta regions can support those needs.

Lanter Distributing’s core competency is warehousing and distributing temperature sensitive products.  We don’t claim to be a mega-cold storage warehousing company, in fact, we’re far from it.  Our cold storage facilities are multi-temperature facilities which are also used for short term storage and cross-docking frozen or chilled freight.  If you have regional cold storage and LTL distribution needs in any of the above mentioned cities, we need to talk.   Our budget-friendly pricing is accompanied with top-notch customer service.  We can provide storage and order fulfillment warehousing services and then we can deliver products to your customers, like grocery warehouses, Club stores, drug store chains, locally owned stores and other businesses.

In the competitive retail world, shippers and manufacturers strive for the re-orders.  Get the first order, and then get the re-order.  Our on-time delivery to your customers is key in making sure your customer is happy.  Happy customers = Re-order.

We take great pride in representing the customers whose brands they entrust to us for storage, handling and distribution.

For information on our cold storage facilities, give us a call today!

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Lanter Distributing Puts Driver Safety First

As children, we are told the importance of learning our ABCs.  At Lanter Distributing, our drivers are constantly told to mind CSA: Compliance, Safety, and Accountability.  We take driver safety very seriously and this is reflected in the performances of our drivers.  For our company, driver safety is not just a motto; it’s the way we do business.

Our drivers are required to keep logs and comply with The Hours of Service requirements.  These are rules designed by the federal government to ensure that drivers are not pushing themselves to the breaking point and endangering the lives of other drivers on the road.  To this end, Lanter Distributing requires all drivers to keep an accurate account of all breaks, stops for gas, etc.  Where some trucking companies take short cuts or skirt rules in order to make good on delivery commitments, this puts everyone on the road at risk.  When it comes to the health and safety of our drivers, there is no room for short cuts.  Our staff of professional drivers is very well aware of the need to abide by DOT as well as company rules and regulations.  We’re so proud of our team of drivers.  Nearly 50 of our 70 drivers received Safety Awards in 2012.

We “put our money where our mouth is” when it comes to driver safety, offering financial rewards for drivers who maintain adequate safety standards.  This bonus increases for each year a driver meets this criteria.  When a driver is stopped for a roadside inspection and no violations are found, they are also rewarded with a bonus.

We understand that we have an obligation to all the other drivers on the road as well as to our customers, to provide the safest, highest quality service possible.  Since most of the items we deliver are temperature sensitive, time is of the essence.  We strive to deliver   products to their destination on time, to meet or exceed the customer’s delivery expectation.  Our drivers represent not only Lanter Distributing but also the company for whom the order is being delivered.  The drivers work hard to be the best ambassadors on behalf of our customers.  After all, our drivers are meeting our customer’s customers each and every day.

We take extreme pride in the professionalism of our drivers, and they take extreme pride in the quality of their work.

If you’re in need of temperature controlled transportation, refrigerated or frozen dry freight, contact Lanter Distributing today to find out how we can help you!

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Slash Shipping Costs with Pool Distribution

High shipping costs can make it difficult for a small company to grow and ship to new markets. It can be prohibitively expensive for a company to ship only 5,000 pounds worth of goods on a truck that can carry up to 43,000 pounds. This means that larger companies can easily undercut prices due to the economics of scale, or can get the product on the shelf faster than the company using Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping. There is, however, a way around these high shipping costs or slow turnaround times: pool distribution.

With pool distribution, many small orders are combined in one run from several different companies in order to cut costs, move product faster, and reach new markets more effectively. Lanter Distributing is the premier pool distributor in the Midwest and South. With locations in Madison, IL, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta, our distribution methods slash shipping costs, allowing small companies to reach new markets with competitive prices.

Lanter Distributing will merge shipments together at our various distribution facilities, getting them ready for the “final mile” shipping to a particular grocery store or warehouse. We will then make this final run, quickly and cost-effectively getting your product to its final destination. Some companies have reported a 5-7% decrease in shipping costs using pool distribution. This means serious savings for shippers and customers alike.

If you are looking for pool distribution in Madison, IL, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta, there is no better distributor than Lanter Distributing. Our experienced drivers will make sure that the products get there quickly, safely, and with as little product loss as possible. From large, worldwide companies to small, family-owned businesses, Lanter Distributing is the trusted name in shipping for all companies.

Contact us today to find how our distributing methods can start saving you money!

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Warehouse Space Available at Memphis TN Location

Lanter’s temperature controlled warehouse in Memphis TN has air-conditioned space available (55-70 degrees). We currently have 500+ pallet spaces available. Any inventory is to be managed by Lanter with our state-of-the-art warehouse management system.

Lanter’s Memphis TN warehouse is 42,000 sq. feet and provides a variety of temperature ranges including dry, frozen and refrigerated. The Memphis team has special experience in handling food grade products as well as health care products; they are also proficient at managing inventories.

This facility supports a large amount of activity for orders that are dispatched in and out of TN, AR, AL, MS, TX, LA and Memphis.  The team in Memphis performs order fulfillment services for orders received as pool distribution loads and warehouse storage accounts.  Order fulfillment is case pick and bulk quantities.

Lanter’s reputation as a dependable LTL temperature controlled carrier is unsurpassed. Our commitment to customer service, timely execution and reliable delivery are what makes us the best in the industry. Contact Lanter today for more information.

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