WOW! So That’s What You Do?

So often I hear manufacturers and logistics companies tell me, “Wow! Your company actually does LTL refrigerated and frozen distribution? I really need your services; Where have you been?!”

I’ll admit, we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to advertising our services. With our asset-based fleet, Lanter Distributing has been warehousing and delivering refrigerated and frozen products for over 40 years. We’re so fortunate to have such loyal customers and even more fortunate for so many word of mouth referrals. If you’re business is looking for cost efficient ways to service LTL refrigerated deliveries to the greater Midwest, South & Southeast, please look me up!

Protect from freezing, keep it frozen, keep it chilled, keep it from melting. That’s what we do!

LTL refrigerated freight is our claim-to-fame. Excellent customer-service is how we earned our name.

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