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General Questions

Can I store product at one of your locations?

Yes…short term, long term and cross-dock options are available at any of our facilities; Our facilities offer a variety of temperature ranges and storage conditions. Contact us for your specific needs.

Can you deliver frozen product?

Yes. We handle frozen foods, chilled freight, frozen freight, temp controlled freight and dry freight. Whatever your temperature requirement is, we handle it. Our delivery equipment enables us to handle multi-temp products within our service area.

Can you deliver to the west coast or east coast?

Yes. Our carrier partner network allows us the ability to move freight from region to region throughout the United States.

Do you handle hazardous materials?

No. Due to the specialized handling requirements, driver training certifications requirements by the DOT and the fact that hazardous materials are generally not conducive with food products, we have chosen not to handle haz-mat products in our delivery

Do you have a fuel surcharge?

Yes. As with any TL or LTL carrier, we too implement a fuel surcharge in addition to the freight delivery charge.

How do you rate shipments?

Rates are based on volume, frequency and classification of product. We generally use hundred weight pricing (cwt) pricing.

My carrier missed a delivery. Can you take the product into your terminal and redeliver it?

Yes….our strategically located terminals throughout the US handle refused orders and missed delivery orders. We can store the product until disposition is given or we can make the redelivery.

What are your days of service?

We publish a delivery guide that lists our days of services by 3-diget zip code by state. Contact us for a copy of this guide.

Where do you deliver to? What is your service area?

Click on the Service Map link for a comprehensive service map. On the map, the red bubbles represent Lanter’s 7 terminals; the dark blue states represent the states which are serviced by Lanter’s fleet; anything outside of the dark blue ar

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