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Refrigerated LTL

Lanter provides protected delivery and transportation services for temperature sensitive products.

Our headquarters in Madison IL (St. Louis region) along with our seven other terminals and our partner carrier terminals across the country allow us to move your product swiftly through our network and deliver your customer's orders in a timely and efficient manner.

Lanter Distributing is an asset-based company specializing in refrigerated LTL and the distribution of food, grocery, confections, snacks, dairy, medical supplies, household goods and more. Lanter has a strong and proven track record with grocery, Mass Merchants, Club stores, food and drug chain stores.

Lanter offers professional drivers to execute final-mile delivery of your refrigerated LTL shipment and flexibility to meet consignee appointment times, including pre-appointed or standing appointments. We provide dock-delivery, carry-in delivery, school delivery, storefront deliveries and more.

Whether your product requires frozen, cooler or multi-temperature-controlled conditions, Lanter Distributing can execute a pick and delivery of your orders anywhere throughout the greater Midwest, Southern states and beyond.

Highlights of our refrigerated LTL network include:

  • LTL pick and LTL delivery throughout the greater Midwest and southern states
  • Delivery Guide that clearly outlines days of services
  • Ambient and multi-temperature-controlled storage and transportation services
  • Multi-temp trailers
  • "Food Grade" cleanliness throughout our cross-dock and warehouse facilities
  • Regional LTL distribution with the ability to execute national distribution
  • Measured performance and metrics - 99.% on-time delivery
  • Returns Management – Pickup of returns, management by RA#; Return to shipper's distribution center(s)
  • Professional drivers executing the final-mile delivery of your LTL shipment
  • Flexibility to adjust our schedules to meet consignee appointment times
  • Dock-delivery, Carry-in delivery, school delivery, store-front deliveries and more!
  • Pre- Appointed deliveries / Standing appointments at many consignees
  • Refrigerated & cooler service warehouse and transportation services
  • Full EDI capabilities for electronic exchange of information
  • Document imaging /scanning for ease of accessing Proof-Of-Delivery (POD) receipts
  • Available Internet on-line order tracking
  • Freight billing via email, fax, or regular mail to reduce costs and save time

Lanter has Refrigerated LTL facilities available in in St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, and Dallas.