Food-Grade Multi Temp Warehouse Space For All Your Storage Needs

To compliment to our LTL refrigerated distribution network, Lanter Distributing has food-grade storage space in a variety of temperatures:
A/C, refrigerated, chilled, dry and ambient

Have you taken advantage of Lanter Distributing’s warehouse space?

  • Are your warehouses overflowing with excess inventory and not enough room?
    We offer short-term storage contracts to help you deal with overflow and seasonal demands.
  • Do you need a warehouse near your production plant?
    We have multi-temp storage facilities in key cities in the Midwest and southern states.
  • Are you struggling with only coastal warehouse storage?
    We have regional, multi-temperature storage options available throughout the Midwest and southern states giving you an easier way to service your customers, especially those with high demands and short lead times.
  • Do you import food grade products?
    Our Midwestern storage locations are perfect for storing container loads of finished goods or raw goods. No more waiting on that “slow boat from China” to get your customer their order! Store it with us and then let us deliver it to your customer!

Space available in a variety of temperatures
A/C, refrigerated, chilled, dry, ambient

CHICAGO 1000 pallets
NASHVILLE 1500 pallets
MEMPHIS 500 pallets
SAINT LOUIS 600 pallets
ATLANTA 800 pallets
Knoxville 500 pallets

Contact Lanter Distributing today and learn more about our food-grade temperature-controlled warehousing.


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