Cold Storage: St. Louis & KC regions, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville TN and Atlanta GA

Storing cold items can be a balancing act.  For some items, you need to make sure they remain cold enough not to spoil but not too cold or they might freeze.  For other items they need to remain frozen at all times without thawing.  Some storage facilities offer one or the other, or charge a premium to do both.  At Lanter Distributing, because of our wide distribution network and numerous cold storage facilities, we can store products in multi-temperature storage conditions for a very reasonable price.

For items such as cheese, yogurt, dips & deli meats that need to stay chilled but not frozen, Lanter’s warehouses in the Kansas City and St. Louis region and in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Atlanta can meet those needs.  Other items such as meat, frozen potatoes, frozen dinners, chicken nuggets etc that need to be in freezer storage, Lanter’s freezer space in the Kansas City, St. Louis and Atlanta regions can support those needs.

Lanter Distributing’s core competency is warehousing and distributing temperature sensitive products.  We don’t claim to be a mega-cold storage warehousing company, in fact, we’re far from it.  Our cold storage facilities are multi-temperature facilities which are also used for short term storage and cross-docking frozen or chilled freight.  If you have regional cold storage and LTL distribution needs in any of the above mentioned cities, we need to talk.   Our budget-friendly pricing is accompanied with top-notch customer service.  We can provide storage and order fulfillment warehousing services and then we can deliver products to your customers, like grocery warehouses, Club stores, drug store chains, locally owned stores and other businesses.

In the competitive retail world, shippers and manufacturers strive for the re-orders.  Get the first order, and then get the re-order.  Our on-time delivery to your customers is key in making sure your customer is happy.  Happy customers = Re-order.

We take great pride in representing the customers whose brands they entrust to us for storage, handling and distribution.

For information on our cold storage facilities, give us a call today!

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