Slash Shipping Costs with Pool Distribution

High shipping costs can make it difficult for a small company to grow and ship to new markets. It can be prohibitively expensive for a company to ship only 5,000 pounds worth of goods on a truck that can carry up to 43,000 pounds. This means that larger companies can easily undercut prices due to the economics of scale, or can get the product on the shelf faster than the company using Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping. There is, however, a way around these high shipping costs or slow turnaround times: pool distribution.

With pool distribution, many small orders are combined in one run from several different companies in order to cut costs, move product faster, and reach new markets more effectively. Lanter Distributing is the premier pool distributor in the Midwest and South. With locations in Madison, IL, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta, our distribution methods slash shipping costs, allowing small companies to reach new markets with competitive prices.

Lanter Distributing will merge shipments together at our various distribution facilities, getting them ready for the “final mile” shipping to a particular grocery store or warehouse. We will then make this final run, quickly and cost-effectively getting your product to its final destination. Some companies have reported a 5-7% decrease in shipping costs using pool distribution. This means serious savings for shippers and customers alike.

If you are looking for pool distribution in Madison, IL, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta, there is no better distributor than Lanter Distributing. Our experienced drivers will make sure that the products get there quickly, safely, and with as little product loss as possible. From large, worldwide companies to small, family-owned businesses, Lanter Distributing is the trusted name in shipping for all companies.

Contact us today to find how our distributing methods can start saving you money!

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