Lanter Distributing Puts Driver Safety First

As children, we are told the importance of learning our ABCs.  At Lanter Distributing, our drivers are constantly told to mind CSA: Compliance, Safety, and Accountability.  We take driver safety very seriously and this is reflected in the performances of our drivers.  For our company, driver safety is not just a motto; it’s the way we do business.

Our drivers are required to keep logs and comply with The Hours of Service requirements.  These are rules designed by the federal government to ensure that drivers are not pushing themselves to the breaking point and endangering the lives of other drivers on the road.  To this end, Lanter Distributing requires all drivers to keep an accurate account of all breaks, stops for gas, etc.  Where some trucking companies take short cuts or skirt rules in order to make good on delivery commitments, this puts everyone on the road at risk.  When it comes to the health and safety of our drivers, there is no room for short cuts.  Our staff of professional drivers is very well aware of the need to abide by DOT as well as company rules and regulations.  We’re so proud of our team of drivers.  Nearly 50 of our 70 drivers received Safety Awards in 2012.

We “put our money where our mouth is” when it comes to driver safety, offering financial rewards for drivers who maintain adequate safety standards.  This bonus increases for each year a driver meets this criteria.  When a driver is stopped for a roadside inspection and no violations are found, they are also rewarded with a bonus.

We understand that we have an obligation to all the other drivers on the road as well as to our customers, to provide the safest, highest quality service possible.  Since most of the items we deliver are temperature sensitive, time is of the essence.  We strive to deliver   products to their destination on time, to meet or exceed the customer’s delivery expectation.  Our drivers represent not only Lanter Distributing but also the company for whom the order is being delivered.  The drivers work hard to be the best ambassadors on behalf of our customers.  After all, our drivers are meeting our customer’s customers each and every day.

We take extreme pride in the professionalism of our drivers, and they take extreme pride in the quality of their work.

If you’re in need of temperature controlled transportation, refrigerated or frozen dry freight, contact Lanter Distributing today to find out how we can help you!

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