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Available Warehouse Space

Are you looking for extra space to handle 4th Q sales?
How about a warehouse located near your production plant?
Need a regional warehouse to service your high-maintenance customers

To compliment our LTL reefer fleet, we offer storage space in a variety of temperatures. All space is food grade.

  • A/C
  • Refrigerated
  • Frozen
  • Ambient

Total Square ft Dry Refrigerated Frozen Temp Control
Granite City, IL (St. Louis) 89,000 X X X n/a
Bolingbrook, IL (Chicago) 38,000 n/a n/a n/a X
Kansas City, MO 166,000 n/a X X X
Memphis, TN 42,000 X X X X
Nashville, TN 63,500 X X X X
Knoxville, TN 48,000 X X n/a X
Atlanta, GA 71,000 X X X n/a
Dallas, TX 50,000 X n/a n/a X
Total Managed Space: 567,500

Warehouse Space Availability

Location Pallet Spots Temp Temp Racks
Boilingbrook, IL 2,000 temp control 65 deg F 5 high rack
Atlanta, GA 1,000 dry 75 deg F 4 high rack/bulk
Memphis, TN 700 temp control 65 deg F 4 high rack
Nashville, TN 2,000 temp or cooler 65 or 34 deg F 4 high rack
Dallas, TX 200 temp control 65 deg F 3 high rack
Dallas, TX 400 dry 75 deg F 3 high rack/bulk


*This area is set up for bulk storage now, it can be 2-high rack; This space is ideal for a refrigerated or ambient pick-n-pack order fulfillment center.